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Influence direction. Inspire change. 
Maximize performance.

Want to create a workplace that attracts, inspires, motivates and retains staff?
Learn 10 Mindset Changing Secrets to motivate and inspire yourself, Gen 'X' & 'Y' establishing an environment that reduces stress, improves morale, productivity while achieving the success you expect.
Learn how to successfully influence and persuade others with confidence. Understand the human mental trigger points to discover new innovative ways to dramatically improve your communication, relationship building, persuasion and influencing skills.
How important is it to connect with, influence and engage others?
Feeling overwhelmed, overloaded and incapable of achieving your objectives?
It's not always what ‘you can do’, but identifying and entrusting the ‘right individual(s) to do it’. Learn 9 proven delegation methods to build relationships, share knowledge to help you achieve even higher results.
EQ and Coaching

EQ and ROI

Delegation Tips

Recruiting for Intelligence
(Eng - Chinese)

10 Motivation Secrets

Coach the Boss

LBWA: How to Persuade and Influence Others
HR Magazine Articles
Want to transform difficult conversations to positive results?
People actually like feedback when it’s done right. Learn how to eliminate the pain and fear associated
with feedback.  Our proven model shifts
performance conversations from a 'negative'
to 'positive' feeling creating a culture
of personal ownership and accountability.

Want to make better decisions that positively impact the bottom line?
All decisions have pros and cons. The right solution maximizes results and minimizes loss but requires the right thinking process. Learn simple, non-technical, practical tips and models based on the latest 'whole-brain' research that help make effective, achieveable decisions.
Coaching, Talent Development, Consulting
We Know How!
Even more challenging is getting participants to remember the information, change behaviors, then be motivated to use the knowledge at work! HOW??
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How We Inspire
Talent Development
Training not an one-off Event.  It's a memorable Experience!  Our client-tailored dynamic programs are self-directed, highly interactive including interesting videos, practical business tools combined with individual & group activities embedding new thinking, behaviors & habits.
“The only thing worse than NOT training your employees and having them leave is ....not training them and having them stay.”
- Henry Ford
Our 1-3 hr in-house 'Lunch & Learn' training sessions help participants meet, eat and quickly learn the latest proven management principles to strengthen their knowledge, skills & competencies.

Programs are customized to focus on your current business challenges.
Our 'Leadership Book Mastermind Groups' bring members together to engage in critically evaluating, discussing key leadership topics.  Sessions inspire new thinking, perspectives, creativity, new ideas and solutions to challenges. It strengthens members knowledge, skills and expertise.

Know More!
“People who learn together
even better!”

- Anonymous
Want to inspire, engage employees to improve productivity and financial results?
Coaching is an effective human development tool that transforms people and organizations. Enhance leadership skills by learning powerful performance-focused, ‘whole-brain’ techniques based on current neuroscience studies and the popular coaching book, “What Great Leaders (Should) Know”.

This half-day or one-day workshop helps individuals understand themselves & quickly identify others to build trust, relationships, reduce conflicts, increase team dynamics.

Results are immediate as participants leave armed with valuable, useful information that is applied immediately!
Benefits are endless!
Want to understand
yourself and others to build trust, relationships, reduce conflicts and more...?

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are based on our popular leadership books
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Training + Coaching PROGRAMS

*ICF 75hr Accredited Coach Training
(HK Saturday Class)  20,27 Jan, 3, 10 Feb
*PROSCI Change Management
CERTIFICATION (24-26 Jan 2018)

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7 Multiple Leadership Intelligence
Ask For In-house Training to Develop Your Current & New Leaders in:
Innovation, Performance, Coaching, EQ, Motivate Team, Strategic Thinking, Problem Solving, Sales & 36 Customized Solutions
8 SMART Leadership Solutions
Leadership Development 360
Coaching Program
360 Leadership Communication Skills
(Jan - March 2018 Training + Coaching)
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