What's In It For You?   Strengthening Your LEADERSHIP Skills!!!

If you truly want to know the secrets of leadership success and what makes 'Great Leaders' Great, this book is for you!

A warehouse of powerful 'whole brain-friendly' soft skills, team building and COACHING & FEEDBACK techniques to.....

Sharpen EQ, build Relationships, enhance Communication,
improve Motivation, Change Behaviors --- anyone can learn
and practice daily to boost leadership skills
Want Proven SOLUTIONS to Daily Challenges?

Learn in 7 DAYS proven business SOLUTIONS that most leaders learn during their entire career.

It is a well-structured, virtual warehouse of easy to understand, practical, straightforward approaches using powerful 'whole brain thinking'
to help business people successfully manage daily challenges.
Want to Master in 8 DAYS even more SOLUTIONS?

Like its predecessor this book is loaded with more practical, easy to
apply business
SOLUTIONS designed to help you learn, increase confidence and enhance thinking.

'Smarterize' Your Leadership Skills
"8 SMART Leadership SOLUTIONS"
"I am absolutely convinced that if everyone in our organization adopts the techniques and concepts outlined in this book, we will become a truly high performing organization.

It is a must read for every person who aspires to be a good leader. The concepts in the book combine research on brain functions along with insight on human behavior to provide a powerful tool for effecting change".

Bernard S.Y. Fung, Chairman / CEO
AON Asia Pacific
'Smarterize' Your Professional Skills with....
Leader Toolbox Mini-Series
Mini-EBooks with simple, practical SOLUTIONS Managers face every day
Share with friends...
"9 Powerful SECRETS
to find your...            
Your A to Z Guide to Multiple Job Offers

Think all Career Books are the same? Think again! 
Coaching, Talent Development, Consulting
   Western &      Asian Cultures
Identifying the Right Talent
is never Easy!
HR TOOLKIT will help you...
Master the Recruiting 'Best of the Best'
using                proven techniques including...  
Preparation, Powerful Questions, Interviewing,
Identifying Outstanding Talent, Pre-Boarding,                On-Boarding AND more...

DON'T WANT TO READ A BOOK??.... No Problem...
Designed to help business professionals

'Anticipate' and 'Understand'

'How' and 'Why' each culture
Thinks, Acts, Communicates, Negotiates
and Conducts Business
Performance Conversations
Eliminate the 'Threat' and ‘Fear’ related to Performance Feedback                
Inspiring & Effective
Take personal ownership of 'Problems' - Generate 'Solutions' achieving Behavioral Changes & Top Results
Use effective COACHING techniques to inspire employees to ...
Intelligent Leadership DIMENSIONS
Know Yourself, Know Others!
The MITS Model based on Dr. Carl Jung's proven four functionality personality theory is blended into our leadership training programs!
So, what's the solution???
Most leaders have a primary  leadership style....
studies show it sabotages their career
Identify 'professional blind spots' ...
To become a powerful multi-dimensional leader!
Blend in elements of other styles buried within you...
Strategies Easier!!
Strengthen your competitive position with 25 practical, simple, 'NEED to USE' strategy tools to...
Know your strengths, weaknesses and competitors
Differentiate brand image & products
Enhance customer value - Increase market share
Attract new customer segments
Sustainable Competitive Advantages
"I strongly believe the recruitment and selection techniques will significantly help Talent Acquisition Managers to identify the right talent! 

This book shows precise analysis and very good examples which are very easy to memorize and we can apply them very practically.  An excellent book which I would recommend to all the professionals."

Carman Chung, HR Director
Hermes Asia Pacific
Strategy=Change. How to gain employee support
Leadership Skills
'Coaching Skills'
for Leaders
Leadership Solutions
to Get
'Dream Job'
Stages to Recruit
'Right Talent'
'Need to Use' Strategy Planning Tools
Influence direction. Inspire change. 
Maximize performance.

“If your strategy is to have success, more influencing power, strong trust and high performance outcomes, then this is the book to read, internalize and put strategies into action.

Robert has a talent for making complex situations simple and reading delightful. The strategic principles are written for high integrity professionals committed to making a difference in people's lives and touching them in more ways than one. 

Lead in a way that helps people have more of everything that life has to offer."

Dr Timothy Low, CEO
Ferrer Park Hospital, Singapore

"Robert has a gift for presenting what can otherwise be complex issues in a refreshingly straight-forward way. His distillation process leaves the reader with 'crystals' in the form of principles, tactics and tips within 8 solutions.

To really grow business and drive value addition, simply managing is not enough; smart leadership is required and Robert's book helps executives on that journey."

Dr. Geoff Collins, Director
TWIG Trading GmbH

“Excellent book, easy to read, practical step by step, makes you              re-think, re-work to face global leadership challenges”.

Dr. Rashid Al-Leem, Director General
Department of Sharjah Sea Ports, Customs & Hamriyah Free Zone Authority, UAE

“I like this book very much and experienced many déjà vu’s throughout. It covers broad challenges we all face daily….then applies fundamental, practical, ‘soft skills’ solutions to effectively manage them. Its holistic, humorous approach makes it interesting, fun, easy to read and implement roadmap to success.

The great tips throughout offer insights into the ‘how’ of successfully dealing with chaotic times.  In my opinion, this book is a must have desktop manual for anyone open to stretching their thinking and improving results.”

Dr. Claus Weidner, COO
Mercedes-Benz Hong Kong Limited

"This book delivers superb performance on Leadership Skills & Techniques. It "has it all": simply written, clearly presented and goes "right to the point" with well described real-life and business situations and ready to use Solutions.

Readers will not be drawn under the academic theories of Leadership as this book offers the Practical side of LEADING: you will have it with you everywhere you go!”

Thierry LaCarne, Group Head of HR , Asia
LENZING Fibers ( HK) Ltd

“I read this new book with great interest and found the examples very useful.  The "culture of coaching" is a concept we are learning to embrace at Celestica. 

Our (My) objective is to "not only attract exceptionally talented people to Celestica, but use your powerful coaching techniques to get these talented people to continuously produce wildly successful results together!" 

The ideas in this book are an essential part of the toolkit to help us realize our aspirations.  Thanks for your continued contributions to the 'coaching practice'!”

Craig Muhlhauser, President | CEO

“Having read many books on leadership, management development, EQ, coaching and the like over the last 23 years as a HR professional, I am very glad to have finally landed on “What Great Leaders (Should) Know”.   It is just the encyclopedia any manager needs to have to better equip themselves on effective leadership, coaching and management skills - look no more!

The practical tips are easy take-aways for quick implementation both on a day-to-day on demand basis and as a planned process - and yet very powerful!  It is now a “must-have” on my work desk….”

Ee Lan Kok, Sr VP, Regional HR

"This book shows how leaders can develop themselves and others, with both solid thinking and lots of tips and ideas.

I've found wise counsel, practical advice and encouragement here, and would recommend it to any leader who wants to sharpen their performance across the full spectrum of leadership competencies."

Roger Steel
Sun Life Hong Kong

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Difficult People to Bring Out the Best @ Work! 
@ Work
Difficult people come in a variety of flavors.  Dealing with them is not easy....and very complex based on many factors.
Are People Difficult
Different ??
Everyone reacts differently to situations based on their inherent, core personality style and... situations.
Learn strategies to identify who 'could be difficult',
understand their 'personality traits' to effectively 'coach'
& manage to..... bring out the 'best in them'.
CQ Coaching
is NOT about becoming a coach  ...
using innovative ways to handle conflicts, give feedback, identify employee style & situations to determine actions, inspire others to think better, sharpen their focus & reinvent themselves to maximize organizational performance & more...

It's about developing a
Coaching @ Work
is the
of leadership...
Coaching @ Work
'Coaching Leadership Style @ Work' 
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