Influence direction. Inspire change. 
Maximize performance.

Coaching Programs include Executive Coaching 1:1,
Group | Team | Cohort, Cultural, Sales, Career Transition
VUCA world forces companies to constantly change. Successful implementation is directly related to people accepting, supporting & using the new changes.
Leadership Academy Programs are customized
to meet local, regional & global requirements --
                Unlike most firms, We Deliver Results - NOT Just Reports.
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How we help
create high  performance ...
Coaching, Talent Development, Consulting
What Some Clients Say...
We...     Develop your
  most valuable asset
Our proven Leadership Development Programs integrate latest neuroscience 'whole-brain' research to embed knowledge, strengthen competencies, improve individual, team thinking, behaviors, attitudes, motivating participants to actively practice techniques at work --- boosting productivity, performance and financial outcomes.
Services available in 45 Countries by certified, highly qualified, experienced professional executive coaches and trainers.
“Leadership sessions provided great information that was very well delivered and the anecdotes and examples helped with understanding. The session has given me practical skills and foundational theory to help me begin to coach others in a better way".
"The coach used highly effective empathic methods that help people challenge themselves to improve. His techniques activate IQ and EQ to improve individual performance and in turn teams and organisations. Working with him is enjoyable as well as stimulating and rewarding. He has a gift for making time together feel professional and personal."
"Paradigm21 custom designed - delivered our                one-year Leadership Development Program. The designers and facilitators clearly possessed exceptional knowledge and skills, providing effective, enlightening perspectives and insights. The highly practical training and tools clearly strengthened participants behavioral and leadership competencies .... evidenced by their active application at work with tangible successes".
"The Paradigm21 coach was terrific. He has excellent people insights. His contributions always focus on the practical, yet he is also able to provide a sound theoretical rationale for his recommendations. I appreciated his discrete yet incisive style, which proved effective for me in helping me achieve my coaching goals. I have no hesitation in recommending Paradigm21 as an executive coach for anyone."
“These sessions really helped me understand some critical concepts of leadership in a fun and entertaining way. Those ideas learned will definitely help me strengthen my leadership abilities and teamwork skills”.
Geoff Collins, Global Business Development
Lenzing Fibers
Bernard Fung, Chairman | CEO
AON Asia
Angeline Ong, HR Regional Manager
Dril-Quip Asia Pacific - Middle East
Roger Steel, CEO Hong Kong,
Sun Life Financial
Stephan Rajotte, Exec VP
Samsung Life
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            Assessments:  DiSC - MBTI - MITS - EQ - Facet5
                 360-degree Feedback, Harrison Assessment
Our passion is providing the direction, alignment and strategic actions necessary to help individuals and companies uncover, unleash their full potential to --- Achieve Sustainable Performance.
Leadership 'Book Smart' Mastermind Groups
Anything you can do,
you can
do Better with our Help!
"Keep Success on your mind and....your mind
on Success!"
- Dr. Robert Edmonson
Employee Engagement Surveys:  Measuring satisfaction, management style, environment and improvement opportunities.
This 'About Us' page is really 'About YOU'!!  Our focus is how can we help your organization achieve its expectations and objectives? So...
Paradigm21 an award-winning HR Consultancy providing customized, practical, proven effective...
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that improves performance

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Provide outstanding business start-up & administrative
solutions allowing clients to focus on core activities.
"Lunch-Time Training Session
     Programs are innovative, interesting, effective, reflect current market trends and
      global thinking while integrating the latest neuroscience 'whole-brain' research.

     P21 Associates are seasoned business professionals, have faced many business
      challenges and ICF Certified ACC, PCC, MCC Executive Coaches.  Some awarded
"100 Best Global Coaching Leaders" by World Coaching Congress....
Awarded 2017...

*  Thought Leadership
*  Emulates the Vision
*  Broad Vision & Focused
*  Creative | Innovative
Based on:
     Programs are customized to suit organizational requirements and expectations
      reflecting our commitment to your success.

     We 'respond quickly', are 'easy to work' with and always place 'clients needs first'.

     Paradigm21 was awarded the prestigious distinction of "Hong Kong's Most
      Valuable Companies".
WHY? Because we are known for consistently delivering best-business-practices of Coaching Excellence, Designing Innovative Talent Development Programs and Delivering High Value that meets or exceeds clients expectations.
     Paradigm21 was awarded the APAC Insider Business Award 2017 for "Best
     Organizational Development Centre - Hong Kong"
Awarded "Best Organisational Development Centre - Hong Kong"
Awarded 2017...
WHY? Paradigm21 has a solid reputation of continually striving to design & deliver exceptional Executive Coaching, Leadership Development Programs & HR Solutions that produce positive client results.
companies choose
Paradigm21 as their preferred talent development
*  Strategic Perspective
*  Track Record
*  Future Orientation
*  Integrity and Ethics

Prosci   research-based globally proven tools & techniques that:
* Focus on people-side of Change
* Strengthen team building skills
*  Reshape Organizational Culture
* Enhance change communication skills
*  Effectively align strategies with everyone
*  Accounting Services
*  Company Incorporation
* Secretarial & Administration Services
Policy & Procedural Compliance
* Strategic Planning & Implementation
Professional Meeting Facilitation that leads to creativity, innovative ideas, better decisions, right actions and tangible results.
Paradigm21 is a well-known active research-based, innovative Organizational Development Centre with 10 popular Leadership books. Specialties: Coaching, Talent Development,                       Psychometric Assessments, Organizational Change and much more...