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"Lunch & Learn" sessions are cost effective, brief and informal with many benefits such as:
> Creates learning culture
> Boosts employee morale & performance
> Improve internal communication
> Internal awareness of other departments
> Enhances organizational value and image
> Strengthens team spirit and engagement
Paradigm21 'Lunch & Learns' programs are a simple, brief, cost effective solution to educate, inspire and connect employees.  Companies provide the venue, food and refreshments and send out invitations to nominated employees.

Our informal, brief, informative, interactive 1-2 hour sessions provide employees with learning opportunities during their lunch hour.
Customize your own or select from our range of topics based on our popular Leadership book series. Sessions are customized to meet specific organizational requirements.

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Sometimes companies feel there is 'no time' available for training staff.....but studies show that not continually strengthening your most 'valuable asset'...PEOPLE....
can negatively impact organizational performance. 

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