Model: Set of 7 Flash Cards with the powerful questions for each coaching phase on the reverse side. 

Executives use the model as it combines the best techniques of ‘transactional consulting’ (and mentoring) and ‘transformational coaching’.

It helps team members improve current thinking, create new thinking, uncover solutions and develop new hard-wired habits by:

>> Behavioral. Understanding how people think and act;

>> Solution-focused. Concentrating on asking solution-focused questions;

>> Problems. Steering away from the problems associated with a situation;

>> Focus. Not delving into the details, discussing the problems nor offering advice;

>> Advice. Not telling others what to do nor how to do it, but advising in the right way.
CHOICES  Multiple Intelligence Thinking Styles (MITS)® Model symbolizes four ‘whole brain’ thinking styles based on Dr. Carl Jung's behavioral model that became the basis for modern day personality assessments such as MBTI, DISC and many others.

Everyone has their own way to lead, communicate, recognize, process information,
resolve issues, make decisions and solve problems.
Our Tools
Cards can be used anytime, anyplace with anyone to help others uncover answers to all their questions and solutions to all their problems!
Coaching: Planned and On-demand

                techniques are highly adaptable and can be used daily in
a variety of ways to get great results.

For example, coaching can be used for planned on a regular basis, during training, talent development programs and on-ongoing as needs arise.

5 Flash Cards contain powerful questions to use for spontaneous, casual conversations or planned events to help others quickly reframe,
rethink to uncover unlimited solutions and possibilities.




*  Adapt to others style
*  Strengthen communication
*  Influence, motivate others
*  Enhance relationships with any culture
*  Make better decisions
*  Build supportive, powerful teams
Leaders learn how to merge 'blind spots' into their dominate style to:
This assessment tool is a powerful, proven effective, fast and easy way for Leaders to
become aware of their dominant, primary leadership style.

They identify their
'strengths' and 'blind spots' negatively impacting personal, team
and organizational performance.

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