KNOW 'Yourself' KNOW 'Others'
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                                              Model: Set of 7 Flash Cards with the powerful questions for each coaching phase on the reverse side
It helps team members improve current thinking, create new thinking,
uncover solutions & develop new hard-wired habits
CHOICES  Multiple Intelligence Thinking Styles (MITS)® Model symbolizes four ‘whole brain’ thinking styles based on Dr. Carl Jung's behavioral model that became the basis for modern day personality assessments such as MBTI, DISC and many others.
Identifies 'Strengths' & 'Blind Spots' impacting personal performanc
Also helps Coaches
*  Adapt to others style
*  Strengthen communication
*  Build supportive, powerful relationships
*  Make better decisions
*  Enhance relationships with anyone
*  Influence, motivate others

Leadership Coaching
Leadership Solutions
      assessment tool is a powerful, proven effective, fast and easy way to
become aware of self & others dominant, primary behavioral thinking style
5 Flash Cards contain powerful questions to use for 
coaching conversations to help others quickly reframe,
rethink to uncover unlimited solutions and possibilities

Leaders have the intentions... to handle daily challenges...
Leaders use Daily @ Work
But solving challenges requires the right tools to achieve
Consultative Selling Model
Cards help Sales Professionals apply a
Consultative Selling Approach to shift client mindset             from
'Resisting' to making 'Buying' decisions
Powerful questions for each selling phase
Performance Feedback
Cards help leaders shift their mindset from top down performance appraisal to a collaborative, empowering conversation that strengthens teams
Executives use the model as it combines the best techniques of
‘transactional consulting’ (mentoring) &
‘transformational coaching’

WHEN to 'Coach' &
'NOT Coach'
Cards guide managers & coaches to better    
    understand how to successfully shift individuals from 'where they are' to 'where they need to be' to maximize personal & organizational results
This Coaching Model bridges gaps between clients 'conscious' & 'unconscious' thinking to discover, explore & work with their internal thoughts, feelings to better understand what they really believe...
* Surfaces valuable insights about their thinking, beliefs
* Helps clients achieve 'Personal' goals
* Strengthens trust, rapport, communication, clarity
* Client feels supported, respected, acknowledged, listened to & motivated to improve
Clean Language
Coaching Model
COACHING Different Styles @ Work
Based on                    Model behavioral tendencies, the 4 Card set helps leaders understand how to effectively Coach each style to shift mindsets & behaviors to maximize personal & organizational performance
               techniques are highly adaptable and can be used daily in
a variety of ways to get great results.
Cards can be used anytime, anyplace with anyone to help others uncover answers to all their Questions & Solutions to all their problems!