Think all Career Books are the same?
Think again!
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The global job market has never been more competitive and difficult ---
What worked yesterday may not work today.

Unlike most career books, this one is NOT just a storehouse of sample cover letters
and résumés --- it really helps YOU understand how interviewers think to quickly...
hit their 'mental' trigger points --- inspiring them to...
read your cover letter and résumé and...

What Do 'YOU' Get?
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Your A to Z Guide to Multiple Job Offers
- Executives, Emerging Talent and Graduates

-Those Seeking Full or Part-time Opportunities

- Individuals Changing Jobs or Re-entering the Job Market
Who Should Use This Book?
‘Giving Interviewers Exactly What They're Looking For’
The 9 SECRETS use 'Brain-Friendly' techniques that win the interviewer over in 6 seconds or less!
All examples are 'real life' that emphasize your IQ or 'hard' skills
and..... your
EQ or 'soft' skills.

The combination of both is exactly what interviewers use to make their final decision. Leaning more toward your EQ


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What Career Coaches Say:
"The book arrived yesterday and has already proven useful.  The definition on IQ / EQ instantly assisted one of my clients to release a deeply held self-limiting belief regarding their abilities - and, a state of “confidence” for a particular situation was anchored and has now been maintained. I can see it’s going to be a very valuable resource book in so many ways." 

Jan Canton
Certified Credentialed Coach
Direct Success Coaching

"Robert's book is a comprehensive and practical resource packed full of highly relevant and useful information.  The layout is great (easy to find what you need) and the examples cover a wide range of roles and scenarios. I’ll certainly suggest it as essential reading for my career change clients!"

Caroline Cameron
Master Coach
Possibility to Reality

Influence direction. Inspire change. 
Maximize performance.

Coaching, Talent Development, Consulting
"Deeply insightful, yet highly practical, this easy-to-read book guides job-seekers along the path to their dream job. It does so by succeeding in that difficult but all-important challenge --- enabling the reader to put themselves into the interviewer's shoes. Highly recommended."

John Goff, Divisional HR Director
Toll Global Forwarding
“I revised my CV using the techniques and samples. Sent out three to recruiters…and got two quick responses for interviews. Thanks very much for your help.”

Ms V. Chan, BSc, ACMC
"This book has powerfully intelligent tools that attracted companies and prepared me for the interviews. The combination of being coached by Margie and using this guidebook kick started me to find the dream job I thought didn’t exist.  What are you waiting for?  Go grab your copy, you won’t be disappointed!”

Taz Deol, MBA Candidate

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