"What gets measured, gets managed, but what is not understood is ignored"
                                - Anonymous
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Influence direction. Inspire change. 
Maximize performance.

First, we analyze where you are now, where you want to go, how to get there and
what's missing to make a difference.

Next, we assist you in formulating a customized strategic plan with focus, imagination,
uniqueness, innovative value curve and distinct sustainable competitive advantages.

Then, together we develop an strategic action map designed to create unique market space
and render the competition irrelevant -- then implemented in the right sequence and at the right pace.
Our consultants are specialists in variety of industries and help
navigate through strategic planning and difficult decisions.

We customize solutions to fit each clients unique needs.
Coaching, Talent Development, Consulting
"It's kind of fun to
do the impossible."

         - Walt Disney           
  HR Functional Audit:  Review current systems to recommend improvements

  Outplacement:  Provide support to released employees to maintain brand image

  Employee On-boarding: Support & assistance for new staff

  Compensation & Benefits:  Programs designed to support expected behaviors

  Skills Gap Analysis:  Identify differences between current & future needs

  Talent Resources:  Identify, attract, assess right talent

  Workforce Planning:  Assess short, long-term needs & gaps
& 'HRM'
to Us!

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  Accounting:  financial reporting, invoicing, cash flow mgmt, cost control, budgeting

  Incorporation:  Providing necessary support to effectively establish HK business

  Secretarial: HK legal compliance providing secretarial support services

  Shipping:  Manage purchase orders & delivery

  Strategic Planning:  Scenario planning & implementation consulting
Don't just talk to yourself --- talk to an audience who has never seen
the world through your eyes and...

We bring fresh thinking and new perspectives.

We inject new perspectives by objectively evaluating situations, uncovering opportunities and offering workable solutions.
Provide outstanding business start-up & administrative solutions allowing clients to focus on core activities to generate new business. Services offered:
Our HR services help existing & new branches of overseas firms with
expertise generally only available to large MNCs...such as:
Improve productivity, employee engagement, skills, organizational performance
& behaviors through the key services:
  M&A: Considering impacts on the Human Side for successful M&As

  Organizational Change:  Proven strategies to effectively implement internal change

  Organizational Culture: Reshape company culture to engage & motivate employees

  VMV Revamp:  Redesign organizational vision, mission & values to maximize results