7 Proven Solutions to Handle Daily Challenges

This book is a well-structured, virtual warehouse of easy to understand,
practical, straightforward approaches using the latest
'neuroscience' principles
and powerful
'whole brain thinking' to  help business people
successfully manage daily challenges

Each SOLUTION is designed to help you learn, increase confidence and strengthen your leadership skills.

While some of the approaches may seem matter-of-fact and functional, that does not mean easy.  Handling daily challenges is not easy --- but it can be done.  With dedication, commitment and practice, these innovative intelligences help you transform your skills and leadership style.
§ Decision-making
§ Team Building
§ Recruit the Best
§ StoryTell  with impact
§ NeuroSales  to Close Deals
§ Change that Works!
Was that a definite YES?? 
§ Motivation Building Techniques
"Robert has done it again! Illuminating improved methods of Motivating, Deciding, Persuading, Relating, Changing, Recruiting and Selling. This book is for Leaders who seek to unleash the full potential of their organizations!"

Rob Sellers
Senior Vice President
“Another great read from Robert Edmonson.  A valuable addition to your management toolbox.  Like Robert’s first book, “Multiple Leadership Intelligence” has encapsulated chapters that are topical and can stand alone, making it as much a reference guide as it is a management improvement book.  It addresses critical challenges and provides easy to understand solution paths. I recommend the book for leaders at all levels of the organization”.

Pat Geiger
President / CEO
CGF Industries Inc

"I found this book to contain  very practical and highly useful solutions to strengthen interpersonal communications, build relationships and improve overall performance. 

I can guarantee that anyone reading it will get some insights that will help them manage their boss or a particular person or look at a situation at work considering many different views and perspectives. I have also been fortunate to experience Robert's insights by working closely with him and he has had a significant impact on my life."

Stephan Rajotte
Executive Vice President
Head of International Operations
Samsung Life
(Sent within
This second leadership book is another empowering guide, providing solutions in an easy to read manner, underlined with many inspiring great real-life examples, whether you are striving for sales excellence or for recruiting the best or simply for building confidence and delivering powerful presentations.

Be forewarned, whether as an author or as executive coach, Robert does not only provide you with a blue print to increase your leadership skills; but he may influence and change your thinking to  positively impact your emotions and as a result your actions - both at work and with your loved ones.

Axel Lachhein
Managing Director
Jungbunzlauer Singapore Pte Ltd.

"Robert Edmonson's book shows how leaders can develop themselves and others, with both solid thinking and lots of tips and ideas.  I've found wise counsel, practical advice and encouragement here, and would recommend it to any leader who wants to sharpen their performance across the full spectrum of leadership competencies."

Roger Steel
Chief Executive Officer
Sun Life Hong Kong

"This book offers comprehensive approaches to recruiting the right staff, motivating, engaging and leveraging their strengths. It is short on theories and long on solutions to help us face those leadership challenges so we can “get others to do what we want them to do because they want to do it”.

Once again Robert delivers straightforward solutions that can be readily applied to day-to-day leadership challenges. It is a must read, on the go, whenever you need it.”

Frederick Maury
Managing Director

"Robert has written another winner. The information in this book is mentally stimulating, brilliantly presented and useful to anyone who chooses to face the challenges of a rapidly changing world, whether in business or personal life. The examples and exercises are worthy of careful study.

The book is wonderful in that most chapters can be read as a lesson with each containing a powerful message. I especially liked the D.R.E.A.M. Model in Solution: 5.  Robert not only makes you think, but shows you what to think about.  If you read one only book this year, Multiple Leadership Intelligence should be the one.”

Joe Sanfellipo, Principal
Global Marketing Resources
Author of award winning book, "Street Smart Secrets to Auto Care You Can Trust" and co-author, "Print Your Own Money".

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